In the past five years we have re-done just about all of our house. Here’s just a small sample of before and afters:

[TV Room]

[Living Room]

[And the Master Bath…yup, that’s carpet & a really weird tub]

Our final big project was to re-tile the kitchen floor. The original 1970’s tile….. drove me insane. It was bright white and showed every crumb, dog hair, drop of water, anything. It never looked clean and I was ready to see it go. Here’s the kitchen in its very original state– wall/cabinet color, appliances, counter tops and all:

We’ve slowly updated the counter tops and appliances over the past two years, but the floors remained. No strangers to DIY, Josh and I opened the pantry door a year or so ago, ready to rip out the tile. A chisel, hammer and half an hour later…. we had one tile removed. Those things were super-glued on! We decided right then and there to outsource the job. I knew just the gal to call:My BFF! Does this girl not look like she can lay some tile?

Well, it wasn’t her exactly, but her dad’s company.

She was forewoman extraordinaire and had this project knocked out it 2.5 days. The guys were here first thing Saturday morning (and at 8am sharp the remaining days as well) and busted that tile up way faster than we ever could.

Next, we decided to go with something a little different, a brick pattern on the floor:

Tile down, grout, doors and baseboards back on, and they were finished and gone by Tuesday afternoon. Complete with a full house cleaning.

It looks awesome.

With new floors and a sparkling clean house, I really felt like I came home to a spa!

If you live in the Dallas area, I highly recommend Alexiou Interiors for any of your remodeling needs.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Busy Busy this summer! It looks great!

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