Island Time, Part 2

On our actual anniversary we took the $7 ferry out to St. John for the day. We didn’t really have any plans going in, but we knew we wanted to rent a car. As soon as we got off the ferry we were approached by a guy drinking a Coor’s Light (at 9AM) asking if we wanted a car. Sure, this seemed like a good person to get a vehicle from. He zigged and zagged us across a few streets and we ended up at his friend Thomas’ fruit stand. Thomas makes smoothies, sells fruit, and rents out cars. One folded-up rental car form from Thomas’ pocket and $75 later, we were cruisin’ on the left-hand side of the road down Highway 20 in a pretty sweet Jeep Wrangler.

It was one of the raddest (at times scary) experiences I’ve ever had. About 60% of St. John is Virgin Islands National Park, so we were basically just driving through an incredibly endless beautiful green canopy. We stopped at all the lookout points and saw something different each time.

We spent the morning at Hawksnest and Cinnamon beaches (amazing, amazing – I kept saying “I feel like I’m in an episode of Lost!”) then headed to the east end of the island to Coral Bay and split a burger at Skinny Legs which we had heard a lot about. It was a funky open-air hole-in-the-wall with a great burger (especially after a morning of swimming). Pretty cute how they split the lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles down the middle for us, too.

We then made a U-turn and headed back the way we came, hitting up Trunk Bay beach. It had been swarming with people when we drove by the first time (we heard it’s where the cruise ships take their excursions),  but by the afternoon it was peaceful. We threw our stuff under a tree and ran out into the water and stayed there even as a quick little rain shower fell on us.

Then comes one of the more romantic moments of our anniversary. It was late afternoon and we had a lot of sun and also needed to return our car. But we weren’t ready to go back to St. Thomas. Thank goodness again for Max who suggested we take a change of clothes and a couple of necessities to clean up in the park showers.

Um, what?

In the name of love and adventure, I did it. We took turns showering so one of us could watch the bags. I threw on a dress, braided my hair, and put a little bit of makeup on in the Jeep. It wasn’t so bad.

Once back in town (Cruz Bay), we went straight to Woody’s. Woody’s is infamous for it’s $1 Coor’s Light happy hour and is also known as Kenny Chesney’s hangout. It was a TRUE hole-in-the-wall. We didn’t stay long as the crowd was getting bigger, the place getting even smaller, and there was no sign of Kenny (sigh).

We walked back to the port area, hung a left and wound up at the Beach Bar. It’s right on the beach (duh) positioned perfectly to watch the sunset over the Virgin Islands. Clouds and Sahara dust unfortunately blocked our view that evening but we did meet some pretty cool folks, ate some delicious conch fritters (can’t get enough), and even slow danced when our first dance song randomly started playing (!). We literally had to run to catch the last ferry out at 11PM. It was an anniversary I’ll never forget, a perfect day with my man.

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One Response to Island Time, Part 2

  1. Britney D. says:

    I’m so jealous of your vacation – it sounds AMAZING!

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